Cordless Lawn Mower



Maintain an attractive yard without the need for gas fuel or oil changes with the Greenworks 9A 14" Corded Lawn Mower (2507402). It runs on a powerful 9A electric motor, turning the blade to create a 14" cutting path and deliver efficient performance. Choose from rear discharge or mulching to meet your specific preference for disposing of grass clippings. Adjust the height as ...



Get the advantage of a freshly cut lawn without all the noise, maintenance tune-ups, or hassle of gas. Not only will your grass look amazing, but your environment and neighbors will thank you too. Zero carbon emissions left behind, and no noise waking your neighbors up or disturbing them during the day. Our mower is so quiet you can even mow your lawn ...



PLUG IN, POWER UP LIFT OFF. For the ultimate in lighter-than-air lawn care, try the cutting-edge MJ-HVR12E 11-Inch Electric Hover Blade Grass Cutter, from SUN JOE. The hover cutter slides across the lawn for the ultimate wheel-free trim. SUN JOE?s eco-friendly 10-amp motor spins at up to 7,000 RPM to create a cushion of air for the precise cutting of uneven, sloped lawns ...



Are you looking for a lawn mower for your courtyard lawn ? The lawn mower with three levels of adjustable height is easy to operate .With a collection bag to keep your lawn clean, ergonomic curved handle provides a more natural, comfortable grip. Big powerful mowers can clean your yard faster. Large wheels can adapt to different heights, and move more easily. Don't ...



1" long metal spikes make holes in the ground beneath your lawn so that it can absorb water, fertilizer and oxygen more easily. Good for small lawns or problem areas in larger lawns. Works best in soft or loamy soils. Constructed of steel with a powder coated or galvanized finish and has 27 spikes covering a 13inch width which will make over 170 ...

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