BLACK+DECKER AF-100-2 Auto Feed 2 Pack Replacement Spools

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The Black and Decker Two-Pack Replacement Spools provide you with an ample supply of string. They are easy to use and fit a wide variety of string trimmers. Integrated with AFS (Automatic Feed Spool) technology, these string trimmer spools use centrifugal force to feed the line, so you can enjoy non-stop trimming. They are also durable.

  • Fits multiple string trimmer models:GH400, GH500, GH600, GH610, GH900, GH912, ST6600, ST7000, ST7700, CST1000, CST1200, CST2000, MTC220, MTE912, NST2018, NST1118, NST2118, LST220, LST300, LST400, LST420, LST136 - so it's easy to choose the right spool for your trimmer
  • 0.065" replacement line and spool for your grass trimmers
  • Factory wound for smooth, reliable operation
  • Auto Feed System replacement spool eliminates time spent hand-winding string trimmers
  • 30-foot replacement line is factory wound for a superior feed
  • Utilizes centrifugal force for maximum performance

 Customer Reviews

Easy to use.
My lawn mower broke down so I resorted to using the electric weed trimmer (a Black & Decker Model GH600). I ran out of line in the spool & purchased a replacement package. The fact that it had 2 spools in the package made me buy it & I have not been disappointed. When one spool ran out of line I still had the other one to use. No quitting & wasting time running to the store to buy more. I just took the empty spool out of my pocket & put in the new one. Easy & quick as can be. It really was a time saver as I do my own lawn care. The line cut through thick weeds & tall grasses with ease. My mower is now working, but I am keeping extra spools just to trim away the thick weeds against the house, the garage, & the fence. I did try to cut through some really thick weeds, about 1" to 1-1/2" in diameter. It did not cut through the really thick weeds with harder stems. But the spools did well for most of what I needed to trim away. I am keeping extra spools for the trimmer as an addition to the tools I use for gardening & lawn care.MrsGreenGarden

I took the factory wound spool and unwound it...I found both ends and halved them together...I then stuck the bended middle in a crease and wound the two lines (of equal lengths) in the direction of the arrow...Previously I drilled a hole in the spool housing exactly opposite of the one existing hole.. When I finished winding the two lines together, in the same direction, I inserted one line in the pre-existing hole and the other line in the newly drilled hole....I put the spool back in the spool housing, placed the spool head into the existing slots and snapped it into place....I now have created a two line head trimmer which is common with gas powered edge trimmers...I then slipped a battery in the trimmer/edger combo tool and tried out the newly designed spool head....It worked twice as fast and twice and efficient as the one mono line I started with...This is an easy improvement over the original design....MikeMSr
Walmart has the best deal
I normally use my B&D edger to trim grass and remove weeds during winter. When the spool was empty, I did internet search and found this 2-pack replacement spool and Walmart had the best price! I was able to order online and pickup from store quickly. It worked perfectly too since it is from B&D as well.WalmartShopperCP
Works Well
Glad to find these at Walmarts. Use it with my Black & Decker. Works great, good value!thriftbuyer
Perfect change out!
Super easy install. I’ve never changed one of these before and it was a breeze. And I’m not a handy kinda girl.Kellsbells

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