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The BLACK+DECKER BEMW482BH 12 Amp 17" Corded Lawn Mower comes with a Comfort Grip Handle for ease of use, this lightweight electric lawn mower is easy to maneuver. It delivers peak performance with a winged blade providing 30% better clipping collection. Get started quickly and easily with push-button start, and dial in the perfect mowing height with 6 adjustments from 1 in. to 3 in. Designed to cut through tall grass with rugged wheel treads designed for control and maneuverability. Includes: (1) BEMW472ES mower & (1) Collection Bag. Includes a 2 Year Limited Warranty and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

• Height Adjust - 6 settings. Single lever easily adjusts the height of cut between 1 1/10" and 3 1/10". • Edge Max(TM) - for close up to the edge cutting. • Compact & Go(TM) - collects up to 25% more grass for less emptying. • Lightweight - easy to push and maneuver around obstacles. • Bale switching- Full wrap bar for easy actuation.
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Excellent Mower
My review is not about this particular machine, but rather about my 1969 (?) Model U-173, 18" electric mower. Found at a yard sale 5 years ago, and still using it today. My yard is far larger than what it was intended for, but it's great and just keeps going and going. It's lightweight, easy to use and always dependable. Love my little machine!nitajobb
Great working Black And Decker Corded Mower
Oh my love this thing. This mower works really good and is Electric with a leaf bag and nice grip handles . It is 12 amp corded with comfort grip design for easy use. 17" DECK SIZE AND 12 AMPS. Cutting heights 1" to 3" . Weighs 42.1 pound and has the bag assembly included. Replacement blade Not included . Has a limited two year warranty. Designed to power thru tall grass but I took it easy the first use. This is Not a metal mower it is plastic but seems very durable . In the standard Black and Orange Black and Decker color. Stores easy as you can fold it up when your done and it is very easy to clean off I just sprayed it with a hose and wiped it off before I put it in our shed. I put the power cord over one shoulder until I get use to it so I don't run over it not easy to do but sometimes things happen.. I see this last a long time and I use it to get where our rider cant get to I had to weed whip . The bag is a nice thick black mesh and will make it nice this fall with the Michigan leaves. I do recommend this to a lot of our seniors as its easy to handle not heavy , pushes nice and takes up to little or no room. Some assembly required but not much , I no you will enjoy this so no more dreading having to go out and mow .laurijean
We have a very large yard and a riding mower to take care of it, but this little electric mower works wonderfully to trim around the driveway and sidewalks after using the edger. The bag picks up all of the clippings so no sweeping and bending to pick them up. It's easy to use and very powerful! Husband doesn't like to mess with the cord, but I'm mostly using it and I love it! Highly recommend for trimming or small yards!!Luveena
Absolutely AMAZINGGG!!! :)
This is the best and most easy to use mower that I've ever had the pleasure of using!! I purchased this after looking and researching and decided this would fit my needs and it definitely didn't disappoint!!! It cut through my tall weeds and grass without an ounce of hesitation, so effortlessly! Ths push button start made me feel totally spoiled! This is a must have for anyone looking for an excellent quality and affordable mower no doubt! You really set the bar high with this one, Black and Decker!!! :)Tiffanysartin88
No more cord yanking for me!
I've always used a regular gas operated mower and HATED it. We recently bought the 12 amp electric Black and Decker and couldn't be happier. It cuts effortlessly and turns on with the push of a button. The comfort grip handles make long periods of mowing a breeze. We had gone on vacation and our lawn was out of control, where normal mowers would get bogged down, this one kept on cutting! Never will go back to a gas operated mower againBrittanys
Electric mower
I had never owned or even tried an electric mower before so we were very eager to try this one out. It was a little assembly from the box (pictured) but it did not take long to get it up and ready to go. This is very convenient since you don't get gas and you don't have to worry about running out or going to get it when you need to mow your lawn. We have a smaller yard, so the cord isn't an issue. We just needed to invest in a good extension cord, and you're good to go. My husband enjoys the mower and states it is easy to push and navigate around the yard. It's very inexpensive for a mower and a great value. We might be full electric mower owners now, and not going back! The quality is great and I highly recommend this product. The easy grip bar is also nice because it makes it comfortable, and not hot to the touch. It stores Nicely and we are quite happy with the product.its also environmentally friendly and doesn't give off that gas smell that the typical mower does. We are very happy with it and believe it will last for years to come.Sim07
Great little mower
First let me say, that my husband and I are environmentalists and this was something that caught our attention because we were looking for something to replace our old gas mower with. This mower comes from a great company black and decker makes great stuff and it is environmentally friendly. It is a light weight mower, it does not contain all the heavy machinery that a traditional gas mower does so it is easy to use and push around. My toddler was able to move it around the yard which was encouraging for me to see I knew for sure then I would be able to mow the lawn with it and not throw out my shoulder trying to get it to move. Does it cut the grass well? This little lightweight electric mower cuts the grass the best I've seen, much better than our old gas mower and I was very pleased with that and it did it with ease. This little mower went right over heavy clumps of grass without choking like our gas mower does. We were getting towards the end of summer where the grass had grown really thick and we decided to drop that blade as low as we could and the lawn really looked amazing and professionally mowed afterwards. This is a great mower, no gas needed, no needing to pull on a cord to get started with a cranky mower this goes on smoothly with just the push of a button. You will need to plug it in to an outside outlet if you do not have one this mower may not be for you.

That being said, there were some cons...and depending on your level of environmentalist standards some of these could be make it or break it cons for you. Let's discuss further...the cord. The cord it comes with is obviously designed to have an extension cord to use with it so be prepared to have that on hand and have at least two twenty foot extension cords because one will not be enough. Your going to have to get creative...when I say this I mean you are going to have to find ways to attach the cord as you mow to different areas of the mower to keep it from wrapping around the mower and unplugging itself as you go. I watched my husband struggle with this for about twenty minutes before he figured out what the hooks on the bar of the mower were for, they were for holding the cord for you to prevent the above. Your going to have to wrap a good portion of the cord around your hand to keep the connection of the extension from coming undone while you are mowing. This is simply push and pull physics, its going to happen. Unfortunately. you simply cannot just let it be you have to wrap it around your hand because if you do not it will come undone and unplug itself as it did to my husband about 7 times before he figured this out. Tedious, I know but once he figured out where to wrap the cord around the mower and wrap and the beginning of the extension cord in his hand to keep it from unplugging itself he was going strong and mowed the lawn effortlessly and never had to worry about running out of gas or having to run to the station.

So this mower, I would say is a great mower for a small yard. Our yard is not small, its large and it has trees, lots of them so if this is your scenario too this may not be the mower for you. We found we had to connect two extension cords to be able to reach to the far sides of the yard and well mowing outside of the fence on the sides of the house would literally be impossible due to the cord situation, the fence and well the trees. We have to go around several of the trees and with the cord involved it just became too much of a headache. Even with two extension cords we were not able to reach the outside of the fence and wrapping cords around the trees was no fun either. I find it ironic that an environmentally friendly mower cord would become such an issue because it is precisely environmentally conscious individuals that this mower would appeal to and yet most of us plant lots of trees. Lots of them. Most of us tend to purchase homes with larger lots as well.

That being said, it is a great little lightweight mower with its limitations that if you are willing to live it may work perfectly fine for you. We have decided to use it in the backyard but skip it for the front and sides of the house for the obvious reasons listed above but we love that it is gas free. If you have a small to moderate size yard this mower may work great for you. The only reason I did not give it five stars is because of the limitation that the cords places on the ease of use.GladesGirl

Great deal as far as cost and power of the mower. Only downfall is I'm not liking the actual handles this way, I prefer the bar system as it's more comfortable for long periods of time, like mowing larger yards.Robyne
I made a BIG mistake in getting this product. It's so difficult to empty the bag, I also searched for a wireless mower and this came up in my search. Walmart really owes me on this item. If Walmart will take it back I would return it for a better one in an instant. Can i return?Recentbuyer
If you're used to self-propelled lawnmowers, this electric lawnmower is not for you, it is hard to push, specially for older folks.2019WalmartCustomer

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