BLACK+DECKER MTD100 3-N-1 Compact Mower Removable Deck

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Black & Decker MTD100. . Features: Compatible with Black & Decker's NST2118, LST220, LST300 and LST400 Trimmers. Easily converts trimmer/edgers into a compact mower. Adjustable cutting height for ideal cutting performance settings. Convenient wall hanger built in for storage options.

BLACK+DECKER MTD100 3-N-1 Compact Mower Removable DeckBLACK+DECKER MTD100 3-N-1 Compact Mower Removable DeckBLACK+DECKER MTD100 3-N-1 Compact Mower Removable Deck
BLACK+DECKER MTD100 3-N-1 Compact Mower Removable Deck
• 3 tools in 1- easily converts 12" trimmer/edger to mower.• Adjustable height deck for ideal cutting height.• Wall hanging option to make storage much easier.• Compatible with NST2118, LST220, LST300, LST400, providing many options to convert from trimmer/edger to mower.
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 Customer Reviews

What a fantastic difference this makes!
I never write reviews, so this means something. I have a 1/3 acre golf course frontage yard that has a backyard fence, so there are lots of edges and trimming on both sides of the fence and front yard.
It used to take forever to trim the outer boundaries of the yard, and the grass was uneven due to the "sweeping" back and forth effect using a regular string trimmer. The batteries didnt last that long, and I have four of them I would use to do the entire yard. I guess each battery wore out quickly (I have the older 18v trimmer) because they often dug into the ground, hit fence posts, etc. It usually took an hour and a half or more over two nights to do the complete job.

So this mower deck arrived today and I put it to immediate use. It cuts right to the outer edges of the mower deck, which was a pleasant surprise. The fact it runs level to the ground also made the look much cleaner. The best part was it easily rolled back and forth, (like a vacuum) over the grass. I used two batteries and still had power left. The whole job around the outer boundaries took about 1/2 hour. I still need to disenage the mower deck to edge, but that only takes 15 minutes or so.
Overall i am very pleased with this product. It is a simple but very clever invention that does what it says it will do.lasvegasphil
This thing rocks so far.
So long as it doesn't break any time soon I am completely pleased.

It may add weight to the trimmer but it's better to have to pick something heavier up occasionally than to have to hold something lighter up constantly.

It turns your trimmer into a light duty electric lawn mower. I’m literally selling my mowers now.Innomen
great item for small yard
i bought it along with LST400 Trimmer. I works great. I would recommend this combination or one of other 20v trimmers to anyone with small yard. It is light weight and easy to use.mickey1634a
Works well for my small yard
I love this thing. It snaps on easy. It has two adjustable heights. It works great for how light weight it is with my attached electric weed eater. If only it would bag the clippings. I know, that's a little too much for a weed eater to handle. I would recommend it if you don't want to shovel out the extra money for a full on lawnmower. It also has a hanging hook to easily store in your garage or closet.Diesel8
Works great! Every thing I hoped for!
This is what I envisioned 13 years ago when I bought this house. I wished I had a way to put wheels on my weed trimmer but couldn't find anything available at the time. I have a fairly small yard with too many rocky areas and flower beds to work well with a regular lawn mower, not to mention I can't tolerate the gas fumes from gas mowers.

With shoulder problems and carpal tunnel, I had a hard time keeping up the yard with just a trimmer and at the time I bought the house, electric mowers were just to costly for me and a little hard to push.

I bought the LST300 B&D trimmer with lithium battery not quite two years ago. I couldn't stand going through another summer with just this trimmer and my older electric one so I got online on Sunday and started trying to find an electric string trimmer mower. Hoping that they've gone down in price.

Found this and the two "kits" that come with either a battery operated or electric B&D trimmer. I was so sad, I just knew my newest trimmer wouldn't work but it did. Read the reviews, decided it was perfect for my needs and ordered. It came today, just 2 days after ordering.

I can get so much more done in the time that it takes to run down the battery with this base than I could using my LST300 just as a trimmer. Somehow, just having the base makes it easier to mow down the taller weeds. And with so little effort.

The people that have mentioned to use it in the same manner as you use a vacuum cleaner were spot on. No, it doesn't cut as perfectly as an expensive lawn mower with a metal blade and wide cutting path but it does do a nice job and doesn't "kill" me in the process. I figure if I just do 15 to 30 minutes on the yard every few days, I can keep up on my lawn and keep it from getting out of control. I've got another battery on the way so that I should be able to get an hour done before both batteries need charging.

I highly recommend this little "lawn mower" accessory for anyone with shoulder, wrist and back problems. My LST300 trimmer is adjustable to make it comfortable no matter what your height. It kind of looks like a toy and is lightweight but it WORKS for me!

I've already recommended this to two friends with shoulder and back problems, I like it that much!AngieinNM

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