BLACK+DECKER TR116 16" 3 Amp Electric Hedge Trimmer

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Keep your hedges trimmed and in tip-top shape with the Black & Decker 16" Electric Hedge Trimmer. This lightweight hedge trimmer features a 16" dual-action hardened steel blade for 40 percent less vibration, making trimming a more comfortable experience for you. The hardened steel blades also make it possible for you to cut through thicker branches with more ease. The lightweight hedge trimmer features a 3.0-amp motor, so you have more power and can trim branches up to 5/8" thick. Other features include a lock-off switch to prevent accidental starts, which is a bonus when you are concerned about safety. It also features cord retention that prevents accidental unplugging. The Black & Decker hedge trimmer is compact in design, making it easy to use with less fatigue, making for easy storage and use. You are sure to be pleased with this dependable and reliable product when it comes to trimming and cutting.

BLACK+DECKER TR116 16" 3 Amp Electric Hedge TrimmerBLACK+DECKER TR116 16" 3 Amp Electric Hedge TrimmerBLACK+DECKER TR116 16" 3 Amp Electric Hedge TrimmerBLACK+DECKER TR116 16" 3 Amp Electric Hedge TrimmerBLACK+DECKER TR116 16" 3 Amp Electric Hedge TrimmerBLACK+DECKER TR116 16" 3 Amp Electric Hedge TrimmerBLACK+DECKER TR116 16" 3 Amp Electric Hedge Trimmer
BLACK+DECKER TR116 16" 3 Amp Electric Hedge Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER TR116 16" 3 Amp Electric Hedge Trimmer:
  • 16" Dual-Action hardened steel blade for reduced vibration while trimming
  • 3.0 amp motor for trimming branches up 5/8"
  • Pre-hardened, rust-resistant hardened steel blades stay sharp longer
  • Lightweight, compact design is easy to use with less fatigue
  • Lock-off switch prevents accidental start-up
  • Cord retention prevents accidental unplugging
  • Built-in T-handle and full length trigger for comfort and control while cutting
  • BLACK+DECKER hedge trimmer for a variety of uses
  • Ideal for keeping your yard looking nice and tidy
  • Provides 40% less vibration than a single action blades
  • Cut hedges, shrubs and other large foliage outside your home
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 Customer Reviews

This thing is great!!
We have some fast growing hedges that had become unruly and we had been chopping at them with a regular set of garden shears and it was taking forever. I told my husband that I was going to go online and find an inexpensive set of electric hedge trimmers so we could get it done fast. He fussed at first and said we did not need them, but I ordered them and they were ready for us to pick up by that afternoon. What normally takes us hours to do took less than a half hour. They worked perfectly. I could not ask for more!! For this price, even if they only last a few years it is worth the money, but I think they will be around for a long time. I am very happy with this purchase! Oh.....and my husband agreed....he was quite glad that I went ahead and ordered these. He has been whacking away at things all around the yard now and said he does not know why "HE" didn't think of it sooner!! Men! LOL!RealityBytes
Great trimmer for petite people!
Using the "regular" size trimmer was literally a pain in the shoulders and back. Not to mention the weight of the old machine, the longer blade meant you had to stretch out your arms to use, plus other movements you had to do the get the right cutting angle; the result was always very tiring hedge trimming. So when I found this B&D 16" I ordered it without hesitation. It is very light weight to hold for the duration of yard work and the blade is perfect length. There is enough power to trim our hedges-not thicker than 1/2"- without problem.
And you get 2 year warranty on it !
For the price and the practicality of it is awesome.NoviceGardner
Great trimmer and price
I really like this hedge trimmer. Works right out of the box. Just a plastic guard needs to be attached to trimmer with existing screws. Never used one before and its SO EASY to use. It works great for all the many tall, bushy plants I have. Very lightweight and fits my hands perfectly. I can trim the plants really fast, too. No more paying $$$ to have it done. Try it-you will not be disappointed!redheeler8
Electric Hedge Trimmer
So far, I love every product I have ever owned by Black and Decker. I mean every last one of them and I own a lot of their products. I have bamboo growing my yard and it needed serious trimming and cut down in some areas. I bought a Fiskars machete thinking that the machete would work better but it did nothing. I used the Black and Decker hedge trick and worked just perfectly. I highly recommend this tool for great yard work usage.MSTHEDRA24
Great hedge trimmer for yard work
I bought this hedge trimmer for my sister based on a previous review that stated this would be great for a "woman taking care of her own yard". That is exactly why I got it for her and based on her feedback, she loves it!! She used it the day she received it using a 100ft basic extension cord to trim the plants and shrubs in her front yard and filled 2 green yard trimming cans!! I would highly recommend it!Proparty

Trimmer is compact and just the right size and weight. It handles great and I was able to get all my shrubs and bushes trimmed in a timely manner. Would recommend this to any woman who is responsible for her own yard work.oldwhitewoman
Fast & easy
Had a cordless version & it wouldn't hold a charge so I got this one.. Love it!
Has way more power than cordless & cut through shrubs easily..
Wish I had got this one first..WhippetMom
Shrub Hedger
I fought against getting one of these because I thought it would be too difficult to do a good job. This tool is easy to use and has increased my confidence to do it myself.Kathy
It's light weight!
This trimmer is so light weight, I can just about use one hand to use it. Now this is convenient, to be so small, it cuts through big 5/8" brush, I really like that!chillyd982
Easy handling and gets the job done
I'm a widow and taking care of a home and yard is an adventure, especially since I have RA and am limited in hand-strength. With this Trimmer, I can handle the smaller trimming jobs myself and don't have to bother my children. Since I love being independent, this I important! Thanks, Black & Decker!203040

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