Greenworks 7 Amp Single Speed Corded Blower 24012

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The Greenworks 7.0 amp 16" Electric Leaf Blower has a zero carbon footprint and releases no emissions. The Greenworks leaf blower features a cord lock that helps prevent the cord from disconnecting from its outlet during operation. The 7.0 amp motor allows this gas leaf blower to operate at a speed of up to 160mph to clean your yard with ease. Keep your yard free of leaves and debris with this Greenworks 7.0 amp electric leaf blower.

Greenworks 7 Amp Single Speed Corded Blower 24012Greenworks 7 Amp Single Speed Corded Blower 24012Greenworks 7 Amp Single Speed Corded Blower 24012
Greenworks 7 Amp Single Speed Corded Blower 24012
The all electric operation of the Greenworks' line of tools provides not only reliable performance and dependability, but also offer a clean running alternative to gas powered tools as well. Each Greenworks' tool comes with a variety of performance and safety features that not only help you get the job done right, they also promise carbon emission free operation for a cleaner environment.Simple yet reliable, Greenworks' 24012 7 Amp Single Speed Handheld Electric Blower offers an affordable solution to lawn clean up and debris removal in an environmentally friendly package. The all electric 7 Amp single speed motor provides plenty of clean up power, producing air speeds up to 160 MPH and air volumes up to 150 CFM. The convenient integrated cord lock helps prevent damage to the power socket from accidental tugs and pulls during operation, and keeps the unit powered until the job is finished. Its durable construction and powerful performance makes the 24012 an ideal choice for homeowners who want to not only have a clean yard, but a clean running tool as well. Features Powerful 7 Amp single speed motor offers plenty of air volume and speed for fast debris removal. Integrated cord lock helps prevent accidental cord disconnects during operation. Provides a maximum air speed of 160 MPH for increased clean up efficiency. Lightweight design makes it easy to handle and maneuver during use. Ideal for light duty clean up around the home and yard. Includes 7 Amp Single Speed Handheld Electric Blower (Bare Tool) - 24012 Blower Nozzle Attachment Specifications Weight: 4.5 lbs. Air Flow (CFM): 150 Air Speed (MPH): 160 Amperage: 7 Bag Capacity: Batteries Included: Battery Amp Hours: Battery Type: Height Settings: Mulching Capability: No Mulching Ratio: No-Load Speed (RPM): Noise Rating (dBA): Shipping Weight: Speed Controls: Toggle Switch Speed Settings: 1 Voltage: 120V
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 Customer Reviews

Perfect for small jobs
This blower is perfect for my small deck that fills up year round with leaves and helicopters!
Perfect price point tooChris
Lightweight & easy to use!
With having RA issues it gets hard to sweep leaves from deck, sidewalk, porch. Not wanting something heavy either, I read the reviews and chose this blower. So easy to use & no louder than a hairdryer, I'm thrilled!Kathie M
Happy, happy, happy with new blower
Just got to use it for the first time a couple of days ago. Plenty of blowing power for clearing my sidewalks, even more than I was expecting. Yes, the cord is a little hassle, but not so much as an engine that needs to be maintained, fueled, and pull-started who-knows-how-many times.BJ1277
Just right
I wanted an electric blower that wasn't too large and that would fit in with my other
job tools kept in my SUV. It's moderate in size and weight, but delivers a strong and even blast of air. It swept the street, shrubs and tanbark/gravel areas of my clients' front yard with ease. I still have an old Greenworks string trimmer that just won't quit and this company makes very good budget priced equipment. Remember that with a 7 amp device, don't ever use a 100 ft. 16 gauge cord, or you'll heat it up and the motor will eventually fail. This is a very nice blower for the small price tag -- and with the easy to remove nozzle, storing this one is a breeze. I'm very pleased.Insidecamper
electric leaf blower
I purchased this leaf blower and had no problems clearing leaves from a 1/4 acre lawn surrounded by forest. I would absolutely recommend this product to people that don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a blower.troyster
For light to medium jobs, like blowing leaves off the deck or clearing sidewalks of yard debris, this blower works surprisingly well, and is quite adequate. I wouldn't count on it to do major fall leaf-blowing, but that's not why I bought it. It is lightweight and handles easily. It's certainly better an easier than reversing my shop-vac and dragging it around! For what I need, it is a perfect solution at a good price.SlowOldMan
Compact and powerful.
It works great! It has a plug attached to the unit without a wire. You have to attached your own extension cord to the blower.Satisfied
Greenworks 7.0 amp Electric Leaf Blower
I love it, it is perfect for my needs, I can blow the leaves from my drive and sidewalk, I would not want anymore power than it provides!!Catfish
Light weight
Lost cost small and just right to blow off carports sun decks ectHHH1234
Get what you pay for.
Its really only good for blowing out the garage but useless for yard work. I highly doubt it gets anywhere near 160mph...ZUESS

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