Onward Grill Pro 84156 56" X 18" X 38" 6 Gauge All Weather Grill Cover Assorted

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This Onward Grill Pro 84156 56" 6 Gauge All-Weather Grill Cover helps you keep your grill clean and safe from the elements. It's made of durable, all-weather material and has Velcro straps to make securing the cover quick and easy. This vinyl grill cover is a good solution for protecting your investment from rust and other elemental damage.

Onward Grill Pro 84156 56" X 18" X 38" 6 Gauge All Weather Grill Cover Assorted:
  • All-weather grill cover
  • 6 gauge vinyl
  • Velcro straps
  • Patio grill cover dimensions: 56" x 18" x 38"
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 Customer Reviews

Not worth it.
Flew away couple of times, and finally torn. We have to throw it in trash and It is now somewhere in a landfill. Its a grill cover that doesn't stand all weather. Do yourself a favor and save your dollars. Look elsewhere.UnhappyGrilldude
Grill cover
Not very durable , tore on second use. Like they say you get what you pay for.Brian
Don’t buy
It was loose fit and Velcro was not supportive to hold cover in place . Wind blew completely off BBQ grill on windy day after 2 days after I purchased- never to be found!!!Debbie
very thin
with the first wind it was brokennascha
Grill cover
I purchased this grill cover because the old one was 5 years old and needed replaced. When it arrived, I opened it and took it form the package and placed it immediately on my smoker grill. Once I adjusted it, I fastened the velcro closures on the bottom of both sides. It is a good fit for a universal grill cover. It has endured rain, snow and high winds and has provided the protection I want and need. I would recommend this as it is economical and serves its purpose.DrMichael

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