Sun Joe 14" Replacement Blade (MJ401E) – MJ401E-11

Brand NameSun Joe
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The Sun Joe 14" Replacement Blade fits the MJ401E Lawn Mower. All blades are tested for quality assurance.

Sun Joe 14" Replacement Blade (MJ401E) – MJ401E-11Sun Joe 14" Replacement Blade (MJ401E) – MJ401E-11
Sun Joe 14" Replacement Blade (MJ401E) – MJ401E-11

Sun Joe 14" Replacement Blade for Lawn Mower MJ401E:
  • Sun Joe replacement blade for the MJ401E lawn mower
  • Blade was tested for quality assurance
  • Model# MJ401E-11

 Customer Reviews

Sun Joe 14" Replacement Blade
Great price went on easy and works great!nonameguy66
First replacement blade
Bought a Sun Joe mower 2 years ago and found it to be a very good little unit. Bought the replacement blade because the original one fell off. Discovered that I needed a replacement plastic retaining piece, which wasn't included, to install. I'm waiting on that piece to come in the mail.Jellynose

It fit!! It was ready to go as soon as I finished the install. This mower blade set my Sun Joe electric mower going again (I now have two for a tandem operation which I tried and it worked great!!) and I could not be happier! I use my mowers in very unconventional ways and the new blade puts me back in the game!! Thanks!!!JonV
Happy that it's available.
I haven't installed the new blade yet, but it appears to be the correct fit. I wanted to have a replacement blade "in stock" and for nearly a year after I bought the mower I could not find a new blade for sale anywhere. I've been using a file to sharpen the old blade and I figure eventually I will file it down to the point where replacing it will make sense.Working Person
Shipped fast; solved problem immediately
My old blade was no good, and the blade bolt was broken. I feel this 14-inch mower works very good, and it works for me for more than 3 years, so I want to buy the parts and hope it will work another at least one or two years. Bottomed line for this mower is excellent and is good for small lawn, seniors, and young people. It is light and works great.Old man does the lawn

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