Sun Joe AJ801E Electric Lawn Dethatcher w/ Collection Bag | 13 inch | 12 Amp | Scarifier

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LET YOUR LAWN BREATHE. Get your lawn in top green shape with the Sun Joe® Dethatcher Joe AJ801E 13-inch electric scarifier lawn dethatcher. Powered by a robust 12-amp motor, the Dethatcher Joe rakes a 13-inch wide path in a single pass to get your job done fast. Enhancing its raking ability is AirBoost technology, which maximizes thatch pickup with spring steel tines that stay sharp longer for reliable performance. Use the 5-position depth control knob to tailor the raking depth from -0.4 in. (10 mm below the soil) to 0.4 in. (10 mm above the soil), depending on your lawn’s scarifying or dethatching needs. Scarifying your lawn at regular intervals cuts grass roots and encourages growth for thicker, healthier turf. Thatch is a dense mat of roots, stems and grass clippings that accumulates on lawns over time, blocking the flow of water, oxygen and vital nutrients. It is important to periodically remove thatch in order to keep your lawn green and healthy. While ordinary manual rakes are tiresome to use and not very effective, the electric Dethatcher Joe starts instantly with the push of a button and easily gets the job done without polluting the atmosphere with toxic carbon emissions. No gas, oil or tune-ups make the Sun Joe® Dethatcher Joe your green choice for greening your lawn. ETL-approved. 2-year warranty.

Sun Joe AJ801E Electric Lawn Dethatcher w/ Collection Bag | 13 inch | 12 Amp | ScarifierSun Joe AJ801E Electric Lawn Dethatcher w/ Collection Bag | 13 inch | 12 Amp | ScarifierSun Joe AJ801E Electric Lawn Dethatcher w/ Collection Bag | 13 inch | 12 Amp | ScarifierSun Joe AJ801E Electric Lawn Dethatcher w/ Collection Bag | 13 inch | 12 Amp | ScarifierSun Joe AJ801E Electric Lawn Dethatcher w/ Collection Bag | 13 inch | 12 Amp | ScarifierSun Joe AJ801E Electric Lawn Dethatcher w/ Collection Bag | 13 inch | 12 Amp | Scarifier
Sun Joe AJ801E Electric Lawn Dethatcher w/ Collection Bag | 13 inch | 12 Amp | Scarifier

  • Sun Joe AJ801E Electric Lawn Dethatcher w/ Collection Bag
  • 13"
  • 12 Amp
  • Scarifier:
    • Ideal for revitalizing small to mid-sized lawns
    • Powerful 12 amp motor rakes a 13" wide path to get your job done faster
    • Scarifier function to cut grass roots for thicker growth, healthier lawns
    • AirBoost technology - spring steel tines for maximum thatch pickup
    • Maintenance free Sun Joe electric lawn dethatcher - no gas, oil or tune-ups
    • Tailor raking depth with 5-position depth control
    • Detachable thatch collection bag for easy disposal
    • ETL approved; full 2 year warranty
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 Customer Reviews

Great Machine...
This little baby really does the job. I used the thatching attachment. Easy to put on the machine. Just make sure you use the proper gauge extension cord. Very important. I used one rated for 12 amps. This machine really brought my lawn back. I had tons of spongy thatch. I had to go over it all 3 times, but it did the job, and it was actually fun. Then I just sucked the debris up with my mower. Took two passes to do that, but well worth it.

I could actually almost hear my yard sighing with relief to get the tons of thatch off it.

My yard had not been thatched for years. It is looking tremendous after two short weeks. The catcher is too small on the negative. Other than that...a great little machine.Kleenk8
Extremley Pleased with Dethatcher !
This dethatcher was easy to put together. I decided to try it out on my Zoysia grass in a small area and ended up doing my whole lawn in one shot ! It does clog up if you have alot of dead grass ( especially zoysia) but its no problem. Just stop after a few feet and shake it out. I definitley recommend this productHamradio428
Dethatcher work exceptional
Grass dying, do to thickness[3-4"] Sun Joe dethatched using cutting blades, lite
weight worked great planted seed, fertilize, and water grass growing.Roky
Sun Joe AJ801E Electric Lawn Dethatcher
I have only used this on my front yard for the first time yesterday. It did an awesome job of removing thatch that has accumulated over the years. I hope it lasts, because it sure beats manual raking of thatch out of my lawn.ERicG81
Worth the money
This dethatcher is very easy to use. I set it to 0 pushed the button, engaged the lever and the machine did it's job with a 100 foot extention cord. The collection bag wasn't usefull. Filled up after about 20 feet of travel. Raking was the hardest part. Filled 10 39 gallon bags.Chris07
GREAT machine...bag, manual & assembly, NOT great
First, the bad stuff (all minor):

(1) Based on the list of contents, after searching the box for 15 minutes, I appeared to be missing two bolts and compression washers. Turned out I wasn't – they'd already been used to install the scarification mechanism during the (factory) assembly. It would have been nice to know that before....

(2) The first step of assembly was tough -- insert each lower arm into a socket in the plastic housing, then drive a phillips screw through a hole in the side of the plastic housing (into the socket), then through two holes in the arm itself to secure it. But the holes in the arm are invisible, so you have to move the handle around until the screw goes into the first hole, then drive it about four turns through the handle and search for the OTHER hole (no easy task) and then try to get the screw to bite in that second hole. I couldn't do it. I pulled the handle out of the socket, and drilled a hole in BOTH sides of the plastic socket (going through the existing hole in the outside wall, then through the inside wall of the socket – there's nothing on the inside that could be damaged). Then, when I put the handle into the socket, when it was in the right position I could see light coming through the aligned holes.

(3) When you assemble the three parts of each handle, you have to put the middle arm on the INSIDE of the top and bottom parts, NOT ON THE OUTSIDE as shown in the instructions. The square holes at each end of the center arm hold the squared bolt heads. If you do it as shown, the bolts just spin, and you can't tighten the handle-knobs.

(4) The bag to catch dethatched material is a total joke. Other reviewers had warned me about it, but I was appalled at how quickly it filled up...just three feet into the first line (heavy moss). Page 8 of the manual says. "WARNING! Do not attempt to use the product without the thatch collection bag attached. This could pose a danger of flying debris." Then, just two paragraphs down, it says, "WARNING! Never use the scarifier without the thatch collection bag securely fitted." This is complete and utter BS. First, it is VERY difficult to install that little bag in the tiny slots in the plastic housing. Second, the bag fills up in less time than it takes to fill a beer stein at a good tap. Third, the machine works just fine without the bag -- the build up inside the plastic housing gets impacted, mostly it works its way out with no help, but sometimes you need to lift up the back a bit to allow the thatch to escape, but it's easy, and THERE IS NO FLYING DEBRIS! At the point where you need to lift the back end, believe me, there is plenty of moss/thatch to catch anything being flung back by the blades.

(5) The hinged plastic back cover which is raised to install the collection bag (if you are dumb enough to use the bag) was packed cattywampus with one side held higher than the other. Over time, sitting in the box, the cover got warped -- now, when balled up thatch escapes from the housing, it lifts up this door a bit, and one side sometimes skootches over, out of its groove, and the small rear wheel hits it and makes a clicking noise. No biggie, you can just let it click, or move it only takes a second to lift it and move it. But sooner or later I need to find a way to hold the cover in place.

OK, now for the good, and I mean GREAT! This little machine sounds like a vacuum cleaner on low, you can use it Sunday morning without waking the neighbors. It runs very smoothly, and cool -- I used it for 20 minutes straight for my first test, at the "zero" setting (the middle wheel-height setting) That is the minimum scarifying height. [I couldn't go deeper because of the huge amount of moss in my lawn.] There was no heating, minimal stalling, no problems, just LOTS AND LOTS OF MOSS AND THATCH (two "haystacks" worth). After raking that up, I ran it for 45 minutes continuously on a larger area -- same results -- cool, quiet, and row upon row of moss and thatch that looked like a plowed field. After raking up the result into stacks and bagging it all, I then re-did the same area again, at right angles to the first run, but again on the zero setting. AND I GOT TWO MORE HUGE STACKS OF MOSS AND THATCH! And remember, this was using the shallowest possible setting for scarification. Please see the attached pictures. Amazingly, with all the material scratched up and bagged, the area still had quite a bit of grass. I'll use a moss killer to poison any remaining bits of moss, and then I'll apply fertilizer and some grass seed to improve the lawn for next spring.

I only finished de-thatching an area 30' by 50'. The result filled a large yard-waste bin full to overflowing, even stuffing it tight. It will take me weeks to finish the job, but that isn't the fault of this machine. It's the gathering and disposal of all the moss that will take the time.

I can't tell you how long this machine will last. I've only used it for about two hours. It appears to be strong and healthy. I don't like plastic much, but the housing is thick and tough.

If I only graded on performance, I'd have given the Sun-Joe SIX stars. I gave it four only because of the stupid bag, the manual, and the minor assembly problems.OffGrid9
Surprised by the powerful motor!
Tired of renting a de-thatcher, I took a chance with the AJ801E. Have to admit, the light-weight kind of had me second guessing my wisdom, but this electric motor did not disappoint. Totally amazed with the amount of dead grass it picked up. I have to admit though, I tossed the bagger quickly and opted to wire up the rear door about 6” so the grass could easily drop behind. Realize this may not be the safest move but is worked really well.Elmerson
Awesome Dethatcher
I was pleasantly surprised by this little guy. If you have an average sized lawn where the farthest corners can be reached by a 100' extension cord,, then this will do the job. Works like a mower that pretty much self-propels itself, only this machine's path is approximately 12" wide so it'll take a little longer than your average mow.
I've only used it once thus far, but the only thing I see as a potential issue over time is how soft the plastic got. The part used to power the machine on started to feel softer and started to "give" a little more than when I first started to use it. Other than that, it did a great job of digging up thatch.JayGo
Foeget the bag! It adds ! lots of work.
Grandkids like to help with yard work-- but i limit access to any power tools or mowers. I felt this small- light weight dethatcher was an easy to use- safe tool. BUT the rear bagger is VERY annoying and difficult to use! JUST LEAVE IT OFF! I followed with the comfy seat for me power riding mower that sucks up the debris into a BIG bag that adds good debris to my compost pile for rich fertilizer the next year. The narrow path [ 12''] makes it easy to use [ without that every 2 minute! TINY! bag removal]. It works best after a close yard trim-- followed by the dethatcher at several angles of reuse until the yard yields virtually no more thatch. Follow with a bigger yard sweeper / mower to clean up the mess. I do this about 2 x a summer for a really enviable looking lawn. I could have used a bigger-better-more costly machine-- but this does the trick at a very affordable cost and FREE child labor! [ WELL, sugar free Kool-Aid and snacks excluded !] 3 stars for the useless bagger system- should offer the SUN JOE -- bagless-- at a lower cost...or the bag as an extra buy accessory.abearwhocares
Broke on the first try!
I am very disappointed with this purchase. Within 15 minute of its use for the first time, I heard a weird grinding noise followed by a loud noise of the motor running but the thatcher was not turning. I investigated the issue and turns out that the Thatcher attachment had stripped. The hex coupler for the the Thatcher had also roller stripped itself. I barely went through a medium sized lawn and had the Thatcher set to the highest depth as I did not want to put my lawn through significant stress.Shehryar

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