Sun Joe MJ401C Cordless Lawn Mower | 14 inch | 28V

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MOW WITH JOE! Ditch the cord and gas, and cut the grass with MJ401C, the completely cordless counterpart of Sun Joe’s best-selling MJ401E electric mower. Perfect for small to medium lawns, the eco-friendly, battery-powered mower's durable steel blade cuts a crisp 14" wide path with precision in a single pass, and features convenient 3-position manual height control to quickly tailor your turf to just the right height. When you're ready, simply insert the key, press the safety switch, squeeze the trigger and go! Collect the clippings with the 10.6 gallon bag, and detach for quick and easy disposal. Plus, MJ401C is driven by a long-life, peak performance rechargeable 28-volt lithium-ion battery, and mows over 10,000 sq. ft on a single charge, for the ultimate in cordless convenience. And when the work day is done, simply plug in and power up. Blast past the limits of the extension cord with cordless power and performance - and Go With Joe: the MJ401C 28-volt 14-inch Cordless Lawn Mower from Sun Joe. Get Equipped.

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Sun Joe MJ401C Cordless Lawn Mower | 14 inch | 28V
  • Best use; small to mid-sized lawns
  • Built-in push-button LED battery level indicator
  • Removable safety key prevents accidental starts
  • Durable steel blade mows a 14 in. (35.6 cm) wide path
  • Peak performance 28 V rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to a quarter acre of continuous mowing per charge
  • Detachable 10.6 gal (40 l) grass catcher for easy disposal
  • Tailor cutting height with 3-position manual height adjustment
  • Battery and Charger Included
  • ETL approved; Full 2-year warranty
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 Customer Reviews

Light, quiet, compact, consistent
A compact, light machine that sounds quiet. Does the job wonderfully. My old gas mower (yuck) did our whole lawn in an hour. This took a bit longer because it's 14-inch, not 16-inch. But the whole time I was singing, trying to taunt my neighbors, "I'm not using any ga-as!" I've shown it off to all my neighbors.
The box was very light. I was worried about carrying it from store to car. And although it came with detailed instructions which might have been confusing, I got it together in 20 minutes. All the parts were there, plus a special wrench to use when replacing the blade (second blade not included but available on website and in included literature).
Starts easily! No more pulling that darn string! Handle is padded, and your hand doesn't get a cramp from holding the lever down while mowing.
Charges quickly. I haven't timed the charge vs. run time because my lawn was easily 8" tall with lots of weeds so I had to mow everything very slowly. As it was, a 2-hour charge lasted 15 min in that hay of my lawn. That's not a typical or fair comparison, though.
The other plus: I have a bad back, and this is so light that I didn't have any pain whatsoever! I've even told my chiropractor!music4kids
Does it’s job
I have to say for the price I am very Surprised how good this lil thing does it’s job it’s super easy to put together and you charge it for 4 hr and it’s ready to go in a push of a buttonAlexon
Love this mower!
I can't say enough good things about this lawn mower. Before this I had one with a cord. Boyfriend kept running over the cord so I decided it was best to go cordless. After reading some of the reviews about it not holding a charge I was hesitant but ordered it anyway. I have never had a problem with it holding a charge and I have a pretty decent size yard. My rard is about 50ftx30ft. I know it says not to operate the mower without the bag but honestly I didn't want to have to empty the bag every few minutes so I use it without and it does great. It is light as can be and I don't feel like it is work at all to push it it basically drives itself LOLshelley
Little SunJoe Cordless Mower
This is a real “lightweight" mower. I have a small yard and have used the SunJoe twice. It seems to work OK. I wish it had a removable battery.MilfordMarine
Easy To Use, Light Weight, Fits Tight Spots
This is an excellent cordless mower for small yards or for cutting in tight spaces around flower beds, decks, porches, fence lines, etc.

Assembly out of the box takes 10 minutes. You'll only need a phillips screwdriver to attach the handle.
For safety, it even comes with a key that you can keep secure, the mower will not operate without the key. Keeps curious kids from starting the mower.

Once assembled, charge the battery using the wall charger. When the light is green you are set. Max charge time will take 4 hours, usually less.

Fully charged this will run for about 30 minutes cutting normal lawn grass.

The collection bag fits securely on the back and will hold ten gallons of clippings/leaves before it needs to be dumped. It removes easily for fast bag emptying.

Deck height has three adjustments and can be done tool free. Love that!

This cuts easily, pushed like a dream because it barely weighs 23 pounds total. On regular grass we cut 30 minutes of cut time, on very thick or damp grass cutting time will be reduced.

This is an excellent mower for those that have small yards, condos, or like me, someone that wants to trim close to garden features, lawn ornaments, against fence lines and garden beds where the big riding mower won't fit.

I highly recommend it.hpiguys Workshop

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