Sun Joe MJ404E-360 Electric Lawn Mower | 3-Wheels | 16 Inch | 12 Amp | 360 Degrees Turn Radius

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DO MORE WITH LESS THAN 4! Mow with Joe and go with a trio of wheels for the closest cut yet! SUN JOE's single nose wheel provides maximum maneuverability, the tightest turning ratio, and unparalleled precision to easily pivot beneath hedges, and up close around trees or flower beds. The powerful 12 AMP electric motor ensures care-free continuous cutting, and the 16" wide cutting deck, 4-position adjustable cutting height, plus removable 9.25 gal collection bag allow you tailor your turf with unparalleled precision.

Sun Joe MJ404E-360 Electric Lawn Mower | 3-Wheels | 16 Inch | 12 Amp | 360 Degrees Turn RadiusSun Joe MJ404E-360 Electric Lawn Mower | 3-Wheels | 16 Inch | 12 Amp | 360 Degrees Turn Radius
Sun Joe MJ404E-360 Electric Lawn Mower | 3-Wheels | 16 Inch | 12 Amp | 360 Degrees Turn Radius
Front wheel swivels 360 degrees for tight turns and close cuts around trees, flower beds and shrubs. 4-position adjustable cutting height: 1.2 in. - 2.4 in. Grass bag capacity: 9.25 gallons Cutting width: 14.2 in.
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 Customer Reviews

I am sorry that I took so long to order this lawn mower, it is so light and easy to use. I can move it from my front yard to the back yard without any trouble and no grass clippings getting on my rec room rug. It does a great job on cutting the grass.Buddie
What I needed
I moved to a house with a tiny yard and needed a mower. This one has been perfect. I really like the fill indicator on the bag. Really light and easy to maneuver.I knew The Joe
Great for Small Areas
I bought this because we have two circle areas of lawn about 8' circumference and it works great with easy maneuverability. The single front wheel makes circle mowing a breeze. Thanks Sun Joe for your insight.chasing green
MJ404E-360 No lack of power
It's light, power enough to cut my 7,000 sq ft lot in S Fla, and obviously very maneuverable.Cman
Works like it should
This product has many plusses. first it starts right up, no pulling a cord ten times like the gas mower. I have a very small yard, so it is perfect for it. It is lightweight , I hang it in the garage. As far as the cutting goes, it is very easy.Mitchie
Very good unit
The power and maneuverability are excellent. My wife uses it most of the time and the caster wheel in front makes it easy to get close to plantings and garden furniture. It replaced a Black and Decker mower we used for years and we like it better for most work. Highly recommended.Jimi
meets my needs
handle on the grass bag doesn't stay in place GRRRLeslie
Handy little mower
The mower is very light. It has enough power to do the cutting I want to do with it. I use it to suppliment my weed eater like cutter. This is the main reason for buying it. I have fig trees to cut around and confederate roses and other obstructions that are close to the ground and make using a hand held grass cutter similar to a weed eater difficult to use. I don't use the catcher and don't intend to use that. There is a black flapper in the rear of the mower that is supposed to keep debris from flying out from under the mower and hitting you when mowing. I found this to be an impediment in mowing. If you have to stand in one place and mow back and forth the flap in the back side will fold up under the mower; lifting it off the ground when pulling back and forth. I removed the flap first thing.Locutis
height change is a challnge on a front wheel
I received the Sun Joe MJ404E-360 Electric Lawn Mower | 3-Wheels and assembled it in spite off no grass yet.

I noticed that it's easy to change cut position on the back wheals and very difficult to change the position on a front wheel. Two small rods on a side of the wheel balanced by two springs and I had a very hard time to change the position. I don't know how it works because as I mentioned no grass yet, but I already see that change the cutting height would be a challenge. Please, advise.vlad
Basket handle keeps coming loose
I find it hard to backup more light weight then I would likeGlbb

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