Sun Joe Manual 16" Reel Mower with Grass Catcher

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The Sun Joe Mow Joe 16" Manual Reel Mower is easy to push and maneuver on small lawns or small patches where you need to mow. The small lawn mower with catcher offers a four-position manual height adjustment to allow you to neatly trim the grass on your lawn. This Mow Joe comes is equipped with four steel blades and two large 8.8" wheels, allowing you to easily roll through rough spots and wet areas. The 6.6-gal grass catcher will collect grass clippings and leaves, and it detaches easily for convenient disposal and mulching to make your own fertilizer. Maintenance free and easy to assemble, this mower will allow you to be working in no time. Keep your lawn looking well manicured with the Sun Joe Lawn Mower.

Sun Joe Manual 16" Reel Mower with Grass CatcherSun Joe Manual 16" Reel Mower with Grass CatcherSun Joe Manual 16" Reel Mower with Grass CatcherSun Joe Manual 16" Reel Mower with Grass CatcherSun Joe Manual 16" Reel Mower with Grass CatcherSun Joe Manual 16" Reel Mower with Grass CatcherSun Joe Manual 16" Reel Mower with Grass Catcher
Sun Joe Manual 16" Reel Mower with Grass Catcher
  • Best Use: Small to medium lawns
  • Drive Type: Push
  • Cutting Width: 16 in.
  • Tailor cutting heights up to 1.81 in. deep
  • Blade: 5 steel blades
  • Grass Catcher Capacity: 6.6 gallons
  • Height Control: 4 position manual height adjustment
  • Compact design and easy to assemble
  • Comfortable foam grip
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Sun Joe® Mow Joe is maintenance free
  • Full 2-year warranty
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 Customer Reviews

Better than advertised !
I have a lightweight electric power mower, but purchased the Sun Joe reel mover to cut the newly sodded zoysia grass in the back yard. This mower is fantastic. Light weight and easy to maneuver. I also like the look of the cut versus my rotary mower. Great product at a great price !Curtis
Really liking the performance
I been using this mower on a quarter acre lawn that has a small hill. Once I got used to how the mower functions, cutting the lawn took the same amount of time as with a power mower. I clean and lubricate the blades and sharpening edge after each use (sometimes every other use if I'm feeling particularly lazy)and the mower has functioned well all season. I've used it for one season of cutting so far and expect to get many more seasons out of this machine.Charlie J. Travis

Love it always wanted one since i was small and my grandma had one only thing i find is it cant even be a small twig and it will stop the mower but for cutting the grass and what i need it for it is great and for that i gave it an excellentslim918
Tight area resolver
Bought the reel mower with grass catch for use in and around my pool area, light enough for me to lift over some obstructions to get to the cutting area, keeps grass clippings from getting into pool water love it!John boys
A great purchase
I have not used this type of mower since I was a kid, it does a great job for the type of mower it is. It was very easy to assemble. Our property is 1/3 acre, relatively level, and I am pleased with the results we get using this mower. Bought this also because we don't have a gas mower right now and this was a financially and eco-friendly option. Even if we get a new gas or even an electric/cordless mower, we will keep this as a back up mower.RUTH C
Excellent Manual Mower
We have a small lawn for the dogs in the front yard. Perfect for cutting a small area and taking it back to the shed for storage. The grass catcher is a nice addition and makes cleanup a breeze. Mower takes some getting used to, but after a few uses you become a pro.Brandon
Love it!
Had been lreading about reel mowers for over a year. When I saw the price on this one I couldn't resist. I use it to mow a medium-size yard and it actually takes me less time than it did with a power mower. The only negatives are it doesn't fo so well on hills and the occasional tall weed but I knew this before buyingPistol Pete
just what I needed
My back yard has lotsa grass and not a bumpy terrain unlike the slde yards or front yard (3/4 acre around the house located in the middle ). So it is perfect since it's so level. Have to have a self propel engine driven mower for the sides and front. Thanks y'all!dariendeb
Good Product
It took forever to get the mower but it mows fairly well. I took the bag off. It was more pain to empty so I just let it fall on the ground.waterdude4u

It does a good job. Just don't let the grass get too high.cruiser148

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