Sun Joe SBJ601E 2-Speed Electric Blower | 215 MPH · 10 Amp (Green)

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THE LIGHT CHOICE IS THE RIGHT CHOICE! When a big blower is simply too much for the job, this diminutive dynamo’s 10-amp motor packs a powerful 215 mph punch. It’s just the right size for light-duty household applications like sweeping porches, patios, walkways, decks and garages - and even light snow! Two speed settings tailor the wind to suit the task with the flick of a switch. Plus, at just 4.4 lbs, you’ll want to take it everywhere, and when you’re done, it’s small enough to stow away quickly and easily in the car trunk, deck box or broom closet. Bigger isn’t always better - when sometimes all you need is small!

Sun Joe SBJ601E 2-Speed Electric Blower | 215 MPH · 10 Amp (Green)Sun Joe SBJ601E 2-Speed Electric Blower | 215 MPH · 10 Amp (Green)Sun Joe SBJ601E 2-Speed Electric Blower | 215 MPH · 10 Amp (Green)Sun Joe SBJ601E 2-Speed Electric Blower | 215 MPH · 10 Amp (Green)Sun Joe SBJ601E 2-Speed Electric Blower | 215 MPH · 10 Amp (Green)
Sun Joe SBJ601E 2-Speed Electric Blower | 215 MPH · 10 Amp (Green)

Sun Joe Blower Joe 10-Amp 215 Max MPH All-Purpose 2-Speed Electric Blower:
  • Uses: sweeping patios, driveways, decks and garages
  • Air speed (max): 215 mph
  • Speed settings: 2
  • No load speed: 12,000 / 15,000 rpm
  • Motor: 10 amp
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs (2 kg)
  • Certifications/warranties: ETL/2 years
  • Sun Joe blower can handle light snow
  • Lighweight design allows for easy transport and operation
  • 2-speed blower fits in your trunk, closet or elsewhere
  • Comfortable, curved, top-grip handle

 Customer Reviews

Sun Joe Blower
I purchased my Sun Joe Blower on the recommendation of my sister. I have a deck, patio and sidewalks which need clearing everyday and I cannot use our heavy gas blower nor can I sweep these surfaces because of a back injury. This light weight blower works great. It is easy to carry and powerful enough to do an efficient cleaning . Since it is electric I require a long cord and that is a bit cumbersome, but that is a small inconvenience. I am pleased with the performance and ease of handling.Manyleaves
So far, so GREAT!
I've only had the blower for a few weeks but it's perfect so far. I use it in my barn to blow out the shavings and hay that are a big pain to try and sweep! You have to get an extension cord for it because it doesn't come with a retractable cord or anything. I would suggest ordering one along with the blower so you can start using it right away (unlike me!)

I would definitely suggest this for light work as it does struggle to move the more solid pieces of debris in my barn aisle. It's perfect for dirt, dust, shavings and hay, though!Mary
Blower nozzle too small for my large driveway
The nozzle is long and thin limiting the width that it could blow. Upon further investigation I leaned that a narrow nozzle end on the blower tube increases the CFM rating. ( Like blowing through a straw) This product may be good for a deck or patio but I needed something with force and a wide path to blow away large amounts of leaves and debris.lizz
Great little machine!
I bought the blower to clear leaves from my country gravel driveway, before the leaves turn to mulch then mud, coating and clogging the gravel, thereby requiring the drive to be re-graveled every few years - expensive for an 800 foot driveway! The blower worked better than I expected. It's been raining all week and the leaves were wet, soggy and many half rotted - I've heard that many leaf blowers don't work on wet leaves. This blower not only easily blew away all wet leaves, it blew away leaves that had been driven-on and pressed into the gravel. It even blew away half rotted leaves pressed into the gravel. I'm quite impressed with the power of this unit and how light it is. Assembles in about 30 seconds. Great little machine!

Hurray, no more raking!Bugtography
Sun Joe Blower
I am a senior citizen and like the light blower. I cannot handle heavy tools.priviere

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