Suncast 175 ft. Hosemobile® Hose Reel Cart, Java, WJS175

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Keep your hose kink-free and ready for use with this handy Suncast 150' Hose Reel Cart. Wash the driveway or car and water your garden whenever you need to. This cart with its flexible handle is a handy accessory to have in your yard or garden in that it reduces the need to coil or hang hoses when they are not it use. No assembly is required so you can use this water hose reel cart right away. It holds up to 150' of 5/8" hose and features an easylink system that delivers water without leakage between hose reel and hose. This water hose reel cart includes a leader hose that serves to maintain stability under high water pressure conditions. Hooks help hold the leader hose firmly. This garden hose reel cart is designed to move effortlessly around the garden. Its mocha and taupe colors blend in nicely with the earth tones in lawn the garden.

Suncast 175 ft. Hosemobile® Hose Reel Cart, Java, WJS175Suncast 175 ft. Hosemobile® Hose Reel Cart, Java, WJS175Suncast 175 ft. Hosemobile® Hose Reel Cart, Java, WJS175Suncast 175 ft. Hosemobile® Hose Reel Cart, Java, WJS175
Suncast 175 ft. Hosemobile® Hose Reel Cart, Java, WJS175
Suncast 175' Foot Hosemobile Hose Reel Cart:
  • 24"W x 20"D x 32"H
  • Holds up to 175' of 5/8" hose
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Easylink system
  • Watertight connection between hose reel and hose
  • Garden hose reel cart hooks hold end of leader hose or garden hose
  • Leader hose included
  • Color: Mocha/Dark Taupe
  • Moves around the yard effortlessly
  • Created from sturdy and durable material
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 Customer Reviews

Very good
I bought this hose reel cart to store my new Gilmour Professional 100' Garden Hose. The hose reel cart arrived quickly. I was surprised to find the cart was double-boxed to prevent shipping damage. The unit was also already assembled so it was ready to go out of the box.

Before getting the hose reel I always reeled the hose by hand but it took a while to do this especially if you have a long hose. Now with the hose reel cart I can wind the hose very quickly. My only complaint is the leader hose occasionally leaks but I plan to replace the leader hose. I can usually solve the leak issue by tightening the connections. I've had the unit for 4 months now and have no other issues to report.

A few tips:

Since my hose was brand new, I left the hose out in the sun for a few hours to make it flexible before installing it on the hose reel cart for the first time. This made the process of winding the new hose much easier.

Also, after each use I try to remove as much water from the hose before winding it back. This reduces some of the weight on the axle especially if you have a heavier hose. Also, setting the hose in a "U" shape on your lawn before reeling it back seems to makes the process of reeling the hose easier.2007Sonata
Okay but mine leaked
There are going to be a few duds with all products, and I happened to get one of those with this. Mine leaked internally from the first day I connected it. I called the manufacturer since I had already discarded the store packaging. They said they could only send me replacement parts and could not replace the whole thing, but they were unsure I'd be able to do the actual replacement. They were right. The parts came with instructions on putting them in but no instructions on how to take the reel apart to get to the parts in the first place. I saw no way to get to them. The manufacturer told me if I couldn't do it, to return it to the store. That is what I did. Thank you to Wal-Mart for taking it back, along with the replacement parts that I was unable to use.wenpen75
Perfect Hose Reel
After reading other reviews I was hesitant about buying this hose reel because I thought it would leak where you connect the hose up to the reel. We did have this problem at first but grabbed a crescent wrench and tightened it up and now we have no issues with it. It looks very nice with the two-tone color. I would definitely recommend.outdoorsforlife
Lightweight hose cart does the job.
I have an older hose cart which is a slight upgrade of this model, but this hose cart is working fine and the price was quite a bit lower than my older cart. It has been working fine as long as I keep connections tight and avoid kinks in the hose.exsoccermom
Great hose rack!
We just got this hose rack to replace an old one that broke. I must say for the price it is a decent hose rack. It's not the most sturdy thing but it gets the job done!newhomeowner111

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