Weed Warrior 3-Pack Black & Decker Replacement Spools

Brand NameWeed Warrior
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The three pack replacement spool and line fits Black & Decker Grass Hog Electric Trimmers. These spools allow for quick and easy line loads and are great for trimming and edging grass.

Weed Warrior 3-Pack Black & Decker Replacement SpoolsWeed Warrior 3-Pack Black & Decker Replacement Spools
Weed Warrior 3-Pack Black & Decker Replacement Spools

Weed Warrior 3-Pack Black & Decker Replacement Spools:
  • Fits Black & Decker Trimmers (CST1000/1100/1200/2000, GLC120/1825L/1825N/2000/2500/3000, GL30/120C/280/301/340/420C/420XC/423C/425C/425S/425SC/425XC/430/ 430C/430S/430SC/530/540/544/544C/545/545C/545SC/547/550/555XC/560/560 PXC/570/ 570C/580/580C/1825/1825N/2500/4525/4525SB/5028/5028SB GLC13/14/120/1423L/1825L/1825N/2000/2500/2500L/2500NM/3000/3630 LST136/220/1018, MTC220, MTE912, NST1810/1024/2018/2118, ST6600/700/7200/7200-CA/7500/7700/7701 GH400/500/600/610/900/910/912)
  • Factory wound for maximum reliability
  • Pre-loaded with 30' of .065" line

 Customer Reviews

I paid only $6 for them.
They worked great for me, since they are prewound now my trimmer line does not get hung up.
i did measure the line... says it is .065 but is really .059, they stuff you buy in rolls was .069
Pic is old (right) vs. new (left) this pic didn't do it justice, i thought it wasn't wound very well vs my wound job but it did work vs. mine did not.monkeldad
Doesnt work like the OEM trimmer line
Saw some good reviews and thought I try this line instead of the B&D AF100 for my B&D Grass Hog trimmer. First, the line would not feed correctly so I took the spool out and made sure everything was clear behind it....even oiled the drive mechanism and made sure it was moving freely. During use, the line would either seem to stay to short or would lengthen to such a degree it would be outside of the trimmer housing. Tried resetting the spool, cutting off the excess line, re-verifying that the spool moved freely but time and time again the line would not feed correctly. Unfortunately, it was a waste of money to try and use this off-brand alternative.SJerseyJ
Good price but...
While these are a really great price, it took my husband four spools to do the entire froint yard. I found another replacement pack for $23 and it only took 3/4 of a spool. I wish these would last a little longer but they are still the best bang for your buck.Mellie
Great deal!
Works perfect in my Black and Decker trimmer. It is handy to have the three pack and you can't beat the price. If I bought the name brand line I would only be getting one spool for the price.GardenMom
Good deal
It works. I'm very pleased with the product and purchase. Strongly recommend.MovieReview66

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