WORX WG775 Cordless Lawn Mower

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The WORX WG775 cordless lawn mower features exclusive mulching fins in the mower deck, which chop up the grass blades 40% more finely than conventional mowers. Finely mulched grass clippings promote quicker decomposition and a healthier lawn.

  • Cuts up to 6,000 square feet in a single charge
  • At just under 33 pounds this is the perfect manageable mower
  • 3-in-1 mower mulches, rear-discharges, and bags
  • Removable battery for charging separate from mower
  • Easy start switch-no pull starts, Non returnable
  • Adjustable mowing height from 1.8 to 3.3 inches; 14-inch cutting width
  • 3-in-1 cutting for mulching, bagging, or rear discharge; push-button starting
  • Removable battery allows for convenient charging in any location
  • Ergonomic upswept handle reduces fatigue and improves control
  • Cuts up to 6,000 square feet on a single charge (up to 30 minutes of runtime). The item is non – returnable.

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 Customer Reviews

surprised and amazed
When we first received the WORX Mower, and assembled it, I was surprised by the small size and lightness of it. It looked liked a toy mower. I was skeptical and the neighbor came by and laughed. But when I put the battery in and tried it, I was amazed at the the power and quietness of the little machine. It met my needs perfectly for the two small patches of grass I have in the front of the house. I am very pleased with it. .yojo
Small, but lightweight
This is great for what it does. I really should have gotten a bigger one but I have budget restraints so I ordered this one and hoped for the best. The 18 inch width makes for more walking than I am used to, but the mower is so light and easy that it really isn't that much of a deal. I love that it is so much less noisy than my gas powered mower and it does an acceptable job on my lawn which is mostly weeds and not real thick. In the area that I do have thick grass it seems to do well enough also. I think this would be a great mower for someone with a small lawn or who just can no longer deal with a gas mower. I have arthritis in my back and hands so the light weight and easy mobility of this mower are perfect for me. The battery is light enough and easy enough to handle so even a youngster could do it, and it has a long enough charge to easily do my whole lot . All in all, I am satisfied, and in closing I have to add: it looks like a toy mower.Breepcat
Perfect for Smaller Yards
I love my new mower! It's quiet, no fumes, no mixing, no major parts to mess up. It's light, easy to use, simple to assemble and runs like a dream.

My only regret is that I didn't get a larger one and an extra battery. It takes three charges to do my larger corner lot and with all the rain we've had, that means I'm mowing almost every day. By the time I get the last section done, the first has grown again. I don't think it will actually mow the 5,000 sq ft it says it will. When the battery gets low, it starts to bog down like the grass is too thick long before it finally quits. I'm a single mom without a lot of expertise or time or cash, so that's a big deal to me. I'll save my pennies until I can afford the extra battery, which Walmart does not sell, but is available direct from Worx at $85. Just wish I'd understood how much it would do sooner. I LOVE what it does do. My bad for not getting a bigger width in the first place.GranolaGeek
Great lightweight mower.
This handy-dandy little mower tackled my extremely overgrown yard and met the challenge with flying colors. First, I had never mowed a yard in my life even though I love gardening and have spent many hours working in flower beds etc. Second, because of a family emergency I had been away from home for almost two months, and the grass had grown incredibly because we had a lot of rain (unusual for time of the year). It is so simple to just place the battery in the mower and go, no need for gasoline, etc. and it's so much quieter than the gas powered mowers my neighbors use. I would recommend this mower to anyone who doesn't want to deal with a heavy, smelly machine. I weigh 102 lbs, will reach my 73rd birthday this month. If I can easily work with this mower, it should be great for anyone.grannyelf
Bought this because I can no longer deal with the starting problems associated with gas mowers due to shoulder problems.

So far am very satisfied with this mower, however the 1st. time I used it, the blade was actually hitting the metal clips that are located in 3 locations just above the blade. I had to remove the clips and bend the tabs upwards in order for the blade not to hit them.

The handle is not adjustable and even for me at 5'10" it is a bit uncomfortable and even more so for my wife who is only 5'0".

I use this mower primarily for trim work and I am very pleased with the battery staying power.BARBAL

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