WORX WG775 Cordless Lawn Mower

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The WORX WG775 cordless lawn mower features exclusive mulching fins in the mower deck, which chop up the grass blades 40% more finely than conventional mowers. Finely mulched grass clippings promote quicker decomposition and a healthier lawn.

  • Cuts up to 6,000 square feet in a single charge
  • At just under 33 pounds this is the perfect manageable mower
  • 3-in-1 mower mulches, rear-discharges, and bags
  • Removable battery for charging separate from mower
  • Easy start switch-no pull starts, Non returnable
  • Adjustable mowing height from 1.8 to 3.3 inches; 14-inch cutting width
  • 3-in-1 cutting for mulching, bagging, or rear discharge; push-button starting
  • Removable battery allows for convenient charging in any location
  • Ergonomic upswept handle reduces fatigue and improves control
  • Cuts up to 6,000 square feet on a single charge (up to 30 minutes of runtime). The item is non – returnable.

 Customer Reviews

The Barbie mower.
This is the start of my second season with this mower. As soon as my neighbors saw me mowing they named it the Barbie mower, which I am accepting. This mower is great for what it is designed for. If you have the back 40 acres to mow, this is not the mower for you. A smallish city lot is what this mower is for. What Barbie takes care of is about 2685 square feet. Not a lot but I think still it needs to mowed.
No gasoline or oil to mess with.
Gets into, out of, and around plants fairly easily.
Light enough to put it into and out of a vehicle if you need to mow some place else.
Handle is easy enough to break down for storage, an engineer could work on that.
Be rest assured this is a powerful mower, just small. The motor will lick up rocks, sticks, etc so use caution this is not a toy even though it looks like one.
AND this is probably the best mulching mower I have had.

A little bit light weight, I usually put baggie of about 5 lbs sand on the mower, just seems to mow a little bit smoother. My wife like the cut better with the added weight.
The company picture is a little deceiving...it does not come the chrome colored wheels, I had to add my own, and The pink paint was not an option.

Like Barbie, this little mower is a strong worker and looks cute.Felony
Favorite Mower! Even 2yr old can push it
Just bought this last month in a effort to add onto my collection of electric yard/power tools and get away from inefficient gasoline ones. So far it works great including the battery life for the area I need it. Goes through grass 12" high and I was amazed that it even cut wet grass even though it gets clogged on the plastics underneath, but just needed to be cleaned once in awhile.TNTooley
surprised and amazed
When we first received the WORX Mower, and assembled it, I was surprised by the small size and lightness of it. It looked liked a toy mower. I was skeptical and the neighbor came by and laughed. But when I put the battery in and tried it, I was amazed at the the power and quietness of the little machine. It met my needs perfectly for the two small patches of grass I have in the front of the house. I am very pleased with it. .yojo
Small and compact!
I bought this 3 weeks ago for my backyard. It works great easy to maneuver up and down our sloped yard.Grandma yard
The Best!!
What a good product! No Gas, No Cord, No Polution! Highly recommend it! And my dog is fine with it.Rustys Dad

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