Black & Decker CM1936 19-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower With Removable Battery

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People often take lots of things for granted, including the lawn mower. Without the device, how can they trim the lawn easily? Cutting the grass is definitely not an easy way, especially when done in traditional way. That’s why it’s important to have the right tool that can help them perform the work quickly and easily with great end result. The Black & Decker CM1936 19-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower with Removable Battery can be used in daily mowing activity.

Black & Decker CM1936 Features and Specs

Having cordless lawn mower is certainly beneficial because it means that the device doesn’t have any movement’s restriction. Here’re several basic specs of this device:

  • It’s using 36V battery and it can be removed. It means that this lawn mower can use another additional battery – if any. With rating from Energy Star, the device is also efficient in power.
  • People can use the device to cut small lawn or bigger one, even up to 1/3 acres.
  • It’s adjustable. Simply by operating one button system, people can have different height, according to their needs.
  • It comes with a set of additional parts and it includes 2 years warranty.
  • 3 in 1 deck design for mulching, rear bag (included) or side discharge
  • Folds easily for compact or upright storage
  • 19 inch durable polymer deck, easy to clean, won’t rust and has a lifetime warranty

Black & Decker CM1936 Review

There are good things offered by this device. First of all, this lawn mower is quiet and easy to start. People only need to turn on the ignition key and pull the handle easily to keep it running. Once it runs, it doesn’t produce any sound at all, which is good for their ears as well as their neighbors. The quiet operation will go through the whole mowing operation.

Second, it can be used for bigger lawn with better result. The new design of the blade will produce better cuts and also allow the mower to operate longer. It’s efficient, great in performance, and easy to use.

Third, the mower comes with easy adjustable feature for the cutting height. Another good thing about it is that it can be folded so it saves space. This feature is certainly beneficial for people with little and cramped storage space.

Fourth, the device is environmentally friendly since it’s equipped with a rear bag that can be used for easy cutting collection. The bag can be emptied easily and can be used for repeated operation, as long as people mow the lawn when it’s completely dry. Even if people don’t want to use the rear bag feature, the cutting result will look neat.

Fifth, when the battery runs out, people can remove it from the lawn and replace it with the additional battery while charging the first battery. It gives more running time.

And the last great feature of this device is that it doesn’t produce any emission at all. Unlike the gas lawn mower that creates quite disturbing noise and air emission, this device doesn’t produce any emission at all, thanks to the electric technology.

People who have bought and purchased this lawn mower are mostly satisfied with it since it does offer lots of benefits. A lot of them had gas mower before, and they admitted that mowing time wasn’t their favorite activity. However, since they use this mowing machine, they can actually enjoy mowing their lawn since it’s noiseless and easy to operate with adjustable height. They’re not disturbed with the smoke emission since there isn’t any! However, according to them, it will be better if there’s some kind of portable charger that can be used while the device is running. They don’t have any problem with the current battery capacity, but it would be nice to be able to charge the almost-low battery without having to remove it. Not everyone has back-up battery. But other than that, the device is excellent and satisfying.

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 Customer Reviews

I love this mower! Wowza!
I'm a 60 yr old female and love this mower.
The battery is a little heavy for me but no big deal.
I wanted something I could handle without the fuss of using gasoline, etc...
This mower is easy to use, store and the only thing I have to really worry about
is getting the blade sharpened now and then.
It's not half as noisy as a regular law mower.
Set up for me was extremely easy and I never mowed before.
I can't wait for the grass to grow a bit taller this weekend so I can mow it again.
It's efficient and easy to dump the clippings into a trash bag.
A little pricey but it's worh every dime.Milliea1972
This is a great mower-quiet, easy start, no fumes!
We had this type of mower several years ago and it was great, so when the day finally came that we couldn't get it working (after more than 6 years) we knew we wanted to get the current iteration of the great mower we had before.
I just wish all my neighbors had the good sense to have this type of mower instead of those loud, stinky things most of them use.WilmingtonwomanBDfan
The battery is too heavy for a lady.
I like the ease of starting, which is the reason I ordered this lawnmower. I wish I had spent the extra money and ordered the self propelled version with the larger battery capacity. This mower is harder than I had envisioned pushing and the battery is heavier than I expected. Perhaps having two rechargeable batteries instead of one would alleviate that problem.LdyG

This mower managed to handle my 1/4 acre lot on a slope, with some tall grass, with no problem. I love the way it starts at the push of a button, and it's quieter than a gas mower. It's a little hard to move around with the weight of the battery, but not that bad once you get used to it.Winterbloom
Great So Far
I have only used this mower once, and it was everything it was advertised to be. It's a little heavier and a little louder than I expected, but it's still quieter and lighter than the gas-powered mower that it replaced. I only have one concern: I use my mower to mulch leaves in the fall. I'll be interested to see if this one has the power to do that. If not, I'll be raking.Gregee
Nice for SMALL yards
We moved to new home with very small yard in CO where mowing season is only 6-7 months, so I decided to try electric this 36V. It is not nearly as powerful as my 6.5 HP gas Toro, however, it only took twice as long to mow (i.e. had to walk slow otherwise engine would bog down), so instead of maybe taking 7 minutes to mow, it takes me 14 minutes to mow. Quieter than the gas mowers, and no need to go to gas station and put stabilizer in gas/etc, so the tradeoff for me is worth it. I would NEVER buy an electric to mow a large yard!Sslider02
Good mower for a small yard.
Purchase was easy. Assembly was simple and easy to perform. Charging the battery and operation was simple. Worksmanship was less than expected for the price. The mower is lightweight and easy to push. However, the right front wheel did not turn as easily as the other three. The factory assembly of the wheel seemed to be slightly improper which caused the wheel to stop turning when mowing at times. Perhaps it will work better as it gets used more. I like the mower height adjustment as all four wheels adjust at the same time so the blade should always be level. The mower seems to be well suited for my yard size, 0.2 ac, as one battery charge was more than sufficient to mow the entire yard. I was disappointed to find out the mower had been assembled for two years when I opened the carton. That is not what I expected for a "new" mower.thenugget
Cuts well, not that heavy, bags poorly
I wanted to try a battery-powered mower. It is quieter than a gas-powered one, but still makes a lot of windy spinning noise. The battery lasts to mow my whole 100 x 100 foot lot on one charge. I have not yet tried to cut wet grass. It is so easy to start, and to adjust the height. I especially like the height adjustment, with just one lever to do it, rather than changing the height on all four wheels separately.

Some reviews say it is too heavy but I have no trouble moving it around, even on my inclined front yard. Most of it is made of plastic, which makes it lighter. I am a bit worried about banging it into tree trunks too hard though, so I try to be careful. I was not so much with a metal body mower.

I am most disappointed with the clippings collection into the bag, as in it does not do it well at all. I prefer to bag my clippings. For some reason the clippings do not shoot into the bag. For a short period into the middle of my second mow with this product, I did manage to collect half a bag of clippings, but I am used to having to change the bag on my previous mower at least four times just for the front half of the yard. Plus the bag on my previous mower was twice the size of this one. No wonder it came with such a small clipping collection bag. However, I do not have clumps of clippings left on the lawn, just a few thin rows where the grass was extra thick and tall, so it must be doing a good job of mulching what it cuts. Also, it just does not suck up leaves.

If you mulch grass, go for this mower. If you bag, look elsewhere.IceCreamCone7
less than I expected
This mower is much much louder than expected.
The battery does not last but about 45 minutes.
Battery takes a FULL 12+ hours to recharge.hectroidz

This lawnmower was incorrectly advertised on the internet as being self-propelled when it was not. I had to charge the battery before even finding out it was not self-propelled.

I am 75 years old and did not enjoy having to pack it all back up and returning it to Walmart. Of course, I needed help both to unload it and reload it.

At this time, I have no intention of ever buying anything at Walmart.vdxwqpzctqqh

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