GreenWorks 25322 G-MAX 16-Inch Mower

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Brand Name Greenworks
Model 25322
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Powered by innovation, not by gas, this Green works 16-Inch G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion Battery Cordless Mower delivers all the power you need to get your yard looking pristine without the hassle of spilling gas or extension cords. Quiet and easy to use, this mower provides the reliable performance and dependability you need to get your yard tasks done quickly and efficiently.

  • G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery System powers multiple tools for complete yard work system–includes 1-4Ah Battery and Charger
  • Single lever 5-position height adjustment offers cutting height range from 1-1/4 inch to 3-3/8-inch for the best cut in all environments
  • 2-in-1 feature offers rear bagging and mulching capability for multiple use
  • 16-Inch cutting deck allows you to maneuver through small to medium size yard more efficiently
  • 6-inch front wheel and 7-inch rear wheel for easy maneuvering throughout your yard

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 Customer Reviews

Don't underestimate this thing!
I love this little thing! Works great, easy to work. It had a missing screw and one missed it's target so we fixed that, otherwise amazing! Ran it for about an hour in an area that was overgrow. It doesn't bogg down, it kicks into high gear and keeps going! We are all pleasantly surprised.Chaney79
Love my lawnmower!!
I bought this lawn mower last year because it was less than 40 lbs (replacing an 88 lb mower.) I love this machine. It is so light, I can almost run with it and I am 72. Yes, the batteries are expensive, but it's still worth it. I mean you can stealth mow with this thing and even thick Bermuda grass is easy to cut.sweetcabo
Great Cordless Lawn Mower
I love this mower. I have a 600 sq. ft. lawn area and the battery hasn't even come close to depleting during a mowing. The 16" is a great size for maneuvering around trees and yard obstacles, cuts a decent sized swath, and it's really light yet still maintains a solid, substantial feel when pushing. Also, the running sound is very quiet . I especially like how easily the handle collapses for storing and once collapsed, takes up very little room in my small shed. I also have a 40 Volt leaf blower and a pole chain saw, so the interchangeable battery is a great plus. I'd highly recommend this mower for anyone with a small to medium sized yard. I can't say how it would do for a larger yard (battery wise) since my situation doesn't require a long running time.South Pasadena CA
Very good investment
Very good investment. Cuts through grass smoothly. It easily cut through 8 inches of grass although I will keep it low now that I can. Very light weight at about 41 pounds. Cuts well on a slope, I had no major problems. Battery lasts 45-50 minutes and recharges in about an hour. Starts at a push of a button and is more quiet than my electric hedge clippers.HortusV
Love this mower!
I got this for Father's Day. It's light weight and easy to push. Cuts our small yard very well. Super quiet. My daughter's enjoy using it too! Bonus!James250
Mighty mini mower!
Mower arrived in 1 box and was super easy to assemble, basically just put the bolts through the handle. Mower is lightweight and mows very well! It even handled some taller grass I had!Bills property
Great Idea
set it up in seconds, charged it for a minute and started mowing in no time. there is nothing I don't like about this mower. soft sounding, smooth even grass tops. the size is for my gnome garden it has so many turns and paths that nothing else would work. this got it all cut and it looks great.lakecrazey
Great little mower
Love this lawnmower! Lightweight and easy to maneuver. Love the safety features, and the easy start button. Great for a small yard, the cutting width is not large. Takes me an hour to mow 1/4 acre. Only complaint is how fast the battery dies. But recharges quickly. Get a second battery, and you'll be set.DOgle
Good for a season. Customer service is terrible.
I bought it in the beginning of summer of 2021. I loved everything about it. The ease of control. How well it cut. Even the slick look. My lawn is roughly 1000 sq ft and it took me less than 30 minutes to mow. One battery charge was good for at least two runs. At the end of the season I put the battery away at room temperature. Fast forward to 2022. The battery doesn't hold enough charge even for a single run. I filed a support request online. Got an automated email. Then nothing. Eight days later I called. After 40 minutes on hold I had to hang up. But before hanging up I "pressed one" to be called back when my turn was up. I was first on the queue at that time. Fifty minutes later my other call finished and Greenworks still hadn't called me back. I called them again. Now I was FIFTH on the queue. So, what happened to my being number ONE fifty minutes ago and their promise to call me back? I'll try to stay away from Greenworks.Boris
Order canceled.
I cancelled the order because Greenworks was unable to fulfill the order and provided no information and did not follow up with emails. Do not do business with this company.Brian N

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