Remington RM3000 16" Reel Push Mower

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Brand Name Remington
Model RM3000
Rating ★★★★¼ 
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With a classic and familiar design, this reel lawn mower is an excellent choice for first time yard tenders. It's the ultimate green machine and with 9 different height adjustments you can always keep your lawn at the perfect height.

Remington RM3000 16" Reel Push MowerRemington RM3000 16" Reel Push MowerRemington RM3000 16" Reel Push MowerRemington RM3000 16" Reel Push MowerRemington RM3000 16" Reel Push Mower
Remington RM3000 16" Reel Push Mower
Best for small flat yards, up to 1/6 acre
Quiet operation lets you cut as early or late as you want16" durable cutting blades
Mulch deck capability
Dual lever height adjustment with 9 positions10" front and 6" rear wheels
Ergonomic handle for easier handling
Emission-free reel cutting system
Environmentally friendly with no gas required2-Year Limited Warranty
Model: RM3000; PPN: 15A-3000783
You Save : $3.83Best Price

 Customer Reviews

Great for small yard
I love this mower - I wanted to get some exercise and not hassle with my gas mower which has never started well since it was new. I have a small yard and this works great! I love the multiple adjustments for mowing height. Now my kid can mow too!BreyerCollector
Get the grass catcher!
First thing I want to say is go ahead and invest in the grass catcher. I didnt and now I wish I had. I love this mower. It went together easy, its super easy to operate and it gets the job done. Yes, all the other things are true. It does tend to bog down a bit in high/thick grass and yes, twigs will bring you to an abrupt stop but for simplicity and maneuverability, it cant be beat!Pseabolt

No need to burn gas. I used it and it made me wonder why we developed gas and electric mowers . Easy to use easiest one I ever in clogged. lol and my sister needs to hook hers up to a hose.

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