The Beatles - Rubber Soul - Vinyl (Remaster)

Brand Name The Beatles
Model LP3824181
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Limited edition 180-gram, audiophile vinyl LP pressing of this album from the Fab Four comes housed in replicated artwork.

The Beatles - Rubber Soul - Vinyl (Remaster)The Beatles - Rubber Soul - Vinyl (Remaster)
The Beatles - Rubber Soul - Vinyl (Remaster)
The Beatles - Rubber Soul (Remaster) - Vinyl> The Beatles were just about to make their big transition from mop-topped British Invaders to the innovators of psychedelic rock in the mid- to late-1960s on 1965's Rubber Soul.; The mega hit ;Drive My Car; is the classic Beatle romantic rocker, but darker songs such as ;Nowhere Man; and ;Think for Yourself; creep into the lineup. ;Michelle; is another romantic ballad that won the Lennon & Mc
Cartney team a Grammy. This vinyl pressing contains the 2009 digital remaster of the album, making it sound more vibrant and electrifying than ever before.

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Excellent in every way.
Wonderful service and product.Jenni
Beatles. Rubber Soul on Vinyl
The album is awesome! Showed up not damaged and it rocks!Beatlesfan111


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