The Who - Who Hits 50 - Vinyl (Remaster)

Brand Name The Who
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Double vinyl LP pressing. 2014 release, the definitive collection of hits by The Who, spanning their entire 50 year career. There is no more significant a milestone in Rock Music than the 50th Anniversary. Alongside the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, The Who complete the holy trinity of British Rock bands that have the honor of celebrating that landmark. Through the decades, The Who redefined rock music as we know it and their influence continues in all areas of popular culture to this day. WHO HITS 50! Is the definitive collection of the band's greatest tracks from their very first recordings as the High Numbers right up to the present day with the brand new track 'Be Lucky.'

The Who - Who Hits 50 - Vinyl (Remaster)
The Who - Who Hits 50 - Vinyl (Remaster)
Who Hits 50 (Vinyl) (Remaster)

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