WORX 7.5A Blower/Sweeper

Brand Name WORX
Model WG506
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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Keep a garden or other outdoor area tidy with this Worx Blower 7.5A Sweeper. It is lightweight and easy to use and has two speeds. The corded electric blower has a simple tool-free assembly to get you started right out of the box. Use this blower for clearing debris from larger areas around your home or business with no gasoline or fumes. It has a 7.5 amp motor and adjustable air speed from 130 to 160 miles per hour. The lightweight blower is practical for clearing patios, decks, driveways, sidewalks, steps, parking lots and small business areas. It also features an ergonomic handle for a secure and comfortable grip. The tube design produces 160 cfm of air volume, offering sufficient power to tackle a multitude of sweeping duties.

WORX 7.5A Blower/SweeperWORX 7.5A Blower/SweeperWORX 7.5A Blower/SweeperWORX 7.5A Blower/Sweeper
WORX 7.5A Blower/Sweeper
WORX 7.5A Blower/Sweeper:7.5 amps corded electric blower2 speeds130-160 mph160 cfm
Lightweight blower is easy to use
Simple tool-free assembly
Clears debris without gasoline or fumes
Ideal for gardens, patios, decks, driveways, sidewalks, steps, parking areas and small business areas
Provides sufficient power to tackle a range of sweeping duties
Adjustable air speed
Comfortable and ergonomic handle
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 Customer Reviews

How do they do it!?!
How does Worx build a blower that is this compact & this powerful, at a Walmart price this low!?!

1. First let me get this off of my chest... I have never seen a corded electric leaf blower that comes with an extension cord in the box. And if there is one that does, I can guarantee that it won't sell for under thirty bucks.

2. I have recently and temporarily moved to Maryland, leaving my near-new "respected brand" blower behind. The one I left doesn't hold a candle to this Worx, and cost nearly twice as much.

3. After the 45 seconds required to assemble and connect the Worx 7.5 to the power cord, I turned it on. And that's when I knew I had a real bargain in my hands. Unless you're trying to blow bricks into a perfect pyramid, this little monster should deliver all of the power you'll ever need.

And ergonomically, it's a wonder. Controls and balance make it a breeze to handle for either left or right-handers. That's important when blowing out corners garages and so forth.

The power/speed switch is perfectly located and intuitive to use. And the cord retention system is perfectly located to ensure that is does not interfere with the tool's operation in any way.

Worx also had the user in mind when designing the blower tube assembly. It fastens securely and is ease to remove from the power head for storage (hint: keep the box).

SO... Compact, lightweight, powerful, easy to use for this 70-something guy, and cheaper than dirt. The power-to-weight ratio must be in the stratosphere. I KNOW the "performance-to-price" ratio is!MarylandTransplant
Great Blower
This is really a great blower in all respects. It isn't to heavy to use with this arthritis that I have and it really gets the job done. Would have ordered sooner if I had known how handy it was going to be. It really has the blowing power to get the job done fast. I had it put together in no time flat, had thought I would need to wait for my son to do that. Am really pleased in all ways with it and highly recommend it to anyone to use. With all this said, it is fantastic for this price.Jean
Worx leaf blower
I purchased this leaf blower for my 75-year-old mother who could not pull the rope on a gas powered leaf blower. She uses it to clean out her garage and to clean her riding lawnmower.At 4 1/2 pounds it is easy for her to use.Mike

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